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After years of training and developing administrative professionals, many Admins talked about having a group of core people where they could share best practices, collaborate to find solutions for challenging everyday situations and problems, tools for productivity, ideas to better communicate with their executive and co-workers.  That’s how the idea of the Admin-Focus Forums was created. 

As a professional trainer and author of the books The Wizard Behind the CEO and Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, with a Gun, I’ve created this unique platform to bring together administrative communities. 

Here is a small glimpse of what you’ll find from these forums:

  • Relevant topics of interest as identified by the group members
  • Case studies and round table discussions specific to the group members
  • Survey will be sent for each session to identify the needs of the group
  • Group size for each forum will be 8-14 members
  • Participants will be grouped with Admins with similar roles and background
  • Some forums will be in-person andothers will be virtual forums
  • Core group will share tools and best practices
  • On occasion, a special guest speaker will attend
  • Tips and strategies for enhanced productivity will be provided by the facilitator and group members
  • Identify your individual strengths and building on them
  • Fine-tuning leadership abilities
  • As a bonus, each participant receives a free copy of Linda’s book The Wizard Behind the CEO
  • Learn more about these forums
  • See a sample of the many topics that will be covered

What are the forums?

Admin-Focus Forums consist of several small groups made up of 8-14 administrative professionals interested in improving their skills and knowledge. These sessions will be virtual, last 2-hours and be held quarterly beginning mid-2021.     

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Become a member

To become a member of the Admin-Focus Forums, email Linda at for more details.

Linda McFarland

For over 15 years, Linda has not only supported C-Level executives, she has given back to the Admin community through speaking, coaching, teaching, training and developed workshops specifically for administrative professionals.  Linda has provided opportunities, platforms, and events for administrative professionals to share ideas and find solutions to the challenges they experience in their roles.

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