Learn 6 Keys to a Successful Performance Review! (without losing sleep)

Learn 6 Keys to a Successful Performance Review! (without losing sleep)
August 12, 2014 Comments Off on Learn 6 Keys to a Successful Performance Review! (without losing sleep) Best Practices,Featured Linda McFarland

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Does your stomach turn into knots from the thought of an upcoming performance review?  Ugh!  Putting words to all your accomplishments can be stressful and a taxing mental exercise.  Even more difficult is finding uninterrupted time to write down your successes throughout the year.

Below are 6 keys to insure a successful and stress free evaluation without losing sleep.

  1. Identify a designated place and/or file folder to store items of praise and accomplishments.  Throughout the year, as you receive praise either verbally or by email, put a copy in your file.  It will be easier to remember your accomplishments when you have them at your fingertips.
  2. Keep a journal.  If you like to write, try using a journal to record your accomplishments and praise.  Having the information in one spot is half the battle.  Trying to remember what you’ve accomplished over the year without keeping a record may mean you forget to include some significant milestones.
  3. Focus on skills that you have developed or improved.  If you haven’t already set-up a process to keep track of your successes, take a minute to reflect on what skills, projects or training you’ve done during the year.  Focus on your improved skills and successes.
  4. Identify areas that need improvement.  To keep growing and learning, don’t forget to include areas where you need to improve.  Be honest with yourself and open with your boss.  Having a goal of getting training to improve your weaknesses could mean that someday they will be your strengths.
  5. Categorize your accomplishments.  Once you have developed your core skill list, put your accomplishments into categories.  Some suggestions include:  initiative, judgment, knowledge, leadership, management ability, creativity, computer skills, interpersonal skills, negotiating skills, planning, presentation skills, decision making, problem solving, team skills, delegating, writing ability and time management to name a few.
  6. Future development.  After reviewing your performance evaluation, develop some strategies for areas of improvement.  Establish a goal-oriented plan to grow and receive greater responsibility.  Enroll in a course, participate in a workshop, become a volunteer on a committee, attend a forum or participate in a conference.

Wishing you success!

Now it’s your turn!  What key to a successful performance review has worked for you?  And what made it help you shine?



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