How to Approach Your Manager and Get Approval to Attend Training

How to Approach Your Manager and Get Approval to Attend Training
January 31, 2018 No Comments Crucial Conversations,Featured Linda McFarland

So you want to attend a conference or other educational program. There’s only one catch. How do you approach your boss to ask if you can attend, and get approval for the company to pay the fee?
Here are eight tips to help you succeed:

  1. What will you learn? Pull together the details of the event or conference. Explain the reason for your interest. It could be as simple as fine-tuning your communication skills. Outline the areas where you want to improve. Set some goals and report back to your manager what you’ve learned.
  2. Build confidence. Share with your boss the need to improve your confidence level in the topic of interest. If you plan to attend training about interpreting and maneuvering difficult conversations, outline the benefits of attending the event.
  3. New technique will save time and money.  Don’t forget to list how the new knowledge learned will save you and the company time and money.
  4. Share what you learn. Explain to your boss your commitment to improve this skill. Report back about what you learned, what weaknesses you identified and where you can improve as well as how you can apply the new knowledge in the workplace. Commit to practicing your new found skills.
  5. Share with others.  Offer to share the information you learned with other Admins or co-workers. Sharing with others will help you be more committed to improving this skill.
  6. Accountability.  Ask other co-workers to help you practice what you’ve learned in order to increase your knowledge, understanding, and technique. Identify one or two co-workers that you feel will provide important and honest feedback to help you increase and monitor your technique.
  7. Everyone needs training. Even your boss attends conferences or workshops to help improve leadership skills. Remind your boss that you need to attend training to help you keep relevant and at the top of your game which in turn will help you provide a higher level of support.
  8. Sacrifice a weekend.  At times, you’ll be learning outside normal work hours. It shows your dedication to learning, especially when you sacrifice a weekend.

I hope these tips help you get the support you need so that you can stretch beyond your comfort zone, learn new techniques so that you will remain relevant in the workplace. Visit my blog for other information, tips and techniques.

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