The Confident & Credible Assistant

The Confident & Credible Assistant
April 21, 2020 No Comments Featured Susan Spreitzer

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Sometimes, we need a little push or advice from others to help us believe the impossible, especially where we impose limitations because of our own belief system. What I’ve learned has helped me continue to have confidence during difficult times, and also helped me develop a positive attitude, new skills, and so much more.

I attended a conference several years ago where Dan Lier was the keynote speaker. I took a few notes during his presentation, and something he said stuck with me. He said, ” You can never outperform what you believe isn’t possible.” He talked about our belief system, and how it can empower us to do anything.  I took his topic to heart and was determined to take my skills (and dreams) to the next level. 

A few years later, I met the spirited Kimberly Wiefling. She took time out of her busy schedule to teach several CEO Assistants (including me) how to be leaders and trainers. In partnership with UCSC Extension – Silicon Valley, we developed and lead a new certificate program for administrative assistants.  Kimberly’s energy was (and still is) infectious. I am lucky to have her as a friend and mentor. She believed in me far more than I believed in myself. She taught me how to achieve what seems “impossible” but is merely difficult. That time with her fueled the fire within me and set me on a path to achieve what I had previously believed impossible (at least in my mind).

Are you having self-doubt, feeling a loss of confidence or perhaps self-doubt in your own belief system? Do you need a confidence boost? 

I’ve put together a workbook that I believe will help you build your confidence and credibility. It includes information, tips, stories, tools, and other techniques that I’ve learned over the years. I hope this information will help you in your role as an administrative assistant and encourage you to believe in yourself and achieve what you believe may be impossible.

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