Organizing Detailed Travel for Your Executive?

Organizing Detailed Travel for Your Executive?
February 25, 2019 No Comments Featured Susan Spreitzer

“I need to get to Europe for some critical meetings next week,” your executive says as he quickly passes by your desk. “What? Are you kidding?” you say to yourself with a touch of anxiety. In the Admin world, travel is one of the most important tasks we handle for our executive. There are so many details such as finding the most convenient and inexpensive flight (preferably one that aligns with the executive’s frequent flyer miles), a reasonably priced, comfortable, and safe hotel, and let’s not forget reliable ground transportation. Plus, there is so much more involved with the details, including the possibility of visas, aligning meetings, contact information, and the list goes on and on.

Get your travel checklist and questionnaire

To help me keep things organized for my executive’s travel, I’ve gathered information and put together checklists and other templates to make sure I don’t forget critical details. There are so many things that can make or break the success of a trip.

Weather impacts how your boss will pack, and don’t forget it could mean you need to check on back-up flights as a contingency plan should your executive’s flights be impacted.

Also check on the dress code. Is there an event that requires formal wear, a suit and tie or is business casual appropriate?

What about a passport? Make sure everything is in order. A lot of countries require at least six months before the passport expires. Check to make sure it doesn’t need to be renewed or updated. Some executives travel a lot, and it may necessitate a second passport. Do your best to get ahead of the details.

Most importantly, don’t “assume” anything! If you don’t know your executive’s nationality, it could come back to bite you. What if you don’t prepare proper travel documents or other protocols that may need to be followed? That last thing you want is to end up in that situation.

Check out my travel checklist and download it for free. I’ve also included a travel questionnaire to capture details needed when setting up flights.

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