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What Ben Franklin Taught Me about Influencing Adversaries in the Workplace
Image December 20, 2019 Featured Susan Spreitzer

About 14 years ago I found myself in the uncomfortable and frustrating situation of butting heads with a fellow Executive Assistant who made things as simple as setting up meetings between our Executives a constant uphill battle. It was essentially her way or the highway, which created a working environment that I found increasingly more

Admin Wizards Bend Things to Their Will
Image July 15, 2018 Best Practices,Featured Susan Spreitzer

Picture yourself as the organizer of a Board offsite event. Your executive asks you to schedule a few ad hoc meetings prior to the start of the meeting. “No problem,” you say. “I got this.” You’ve already signed a contract with the hotel and made all the arrangements so adding a meeting at the hotel

What’s at stake?
Image December 3, 2017 Featured Linda McFarland

As technology continues to improve, it seems we spend less and less face time with each other. Or perhaps it’s those frustrating computer issues we have from day-to-day that cause our emotions to run thin and our stress levels to increase. With technology issues, it slows down our productivity. Our boss asks, “When will you

3 Simple Ways to Go Beyond Team Player
Image August 24, 2014 Featured,Leadership Linda McFarland

Are you an administrative professional who is so focused on your own job that you forget you are part of a team?  Consider these three critical steps to creating a stronger team environment.  These tips will help you move beyond being an average team player. Draw on the Strengths of Others.  Administrative professionals are known for having varied talents

Learn 6 Keys to a Successful Performance Review! (without losing sleep)
August 12, 2014 Best Practices,Featured Linda McFarland

  Does your stomach turn into knots from the thought of an upcoming performance review?  Ugh!  Putting words to all your accomplishments can be stressful and a taxing mental exercise.  Even more difficult is finding uninterrupted time to write down your successes throughout the year. Below are 6 keys to insure a successful and stress free evaluation