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The Mad-Men Effect Brings Attention to

Administrative Professional Week April 22-28



San Jose, Ca  4-9-12 . . . Whether they are called Administrative Assistants, Admin Secretaries or just Admins, the role this position plays in the corporate arena is an integral part of the company according to  the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), first founded in 1952 as Secretary’s Week and celebrated the week of April 22-28.


Linda McFarland, author, Admin for over 30 years who now conducts workshops, trains and even coaches CEO and other management level executives as founder of Ascend2Success says, “As the right-hand person to some of the most powerful men in corporate America, Administrative Assistants impact every level of the world’s economy’s.”  A job that once was even referred to as a “girl-Friday” has become more complicated, demanding and technical. McFarland adds, “Administrative professionals are expected to support an increasing number of executives or managers and this increased workload and responsibility also means that Admins have a greater impact on their employers.”


This does not mean things always go as smoothly as one hopes even with the best of skills, intentions and circumstances. McFarland, co-author of “Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun,” chronicles the “good, bad and ugly” of the Admin profession through anecdotes from assistants to some of the most powerful executives as they handled major and minor catastrophes that could have jeopardized their bosses jobs, corporate clients and millions of dollars in deals if not for the experience and ability of these “silent partners”.


“Though the book is entertaining,” says McFarland, “the intent is to continue to assist Admins and corporations to have the most efficient and effective team.”  The workshop, coaching and training sessions use some of these scenarios and crafted tips to help anyone with an eye on working at the top corporate spot or even those faced with corporate roadblocks in everyday situations, to work more efficiently, communicate better with peers, co-workers and even their boss to insure a smooth operation while minimizing the bumps.


Though the popular A&E show Mad-Men may show the more stereo-typical view of secretaries, McFarland explains that the real story is seen in how the modern professionals have changed the face of big business.  According to an IAAP survey of Admins, two-thirds report that their level of workplace authority has increased in the last five years and 80% say their overall contribution at work has also increased. McFarland adds with a smile, “In other words, Admins are the pulse of the office. Some of us know more than any other person in the company and we do so because ‘mum’s the word’.”






Linda McFarland has worked for more than 30 years as an executive assistant at Fortune-listed companies. She is co-founder and member of the CEO assistants group, the Silicon Valley Catalysts Association. Linda has served on the advisory board of the UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley Administrative and Executive Assistant Certificate Program.  She is founder and CEO of Ascend2Success, which provides consulting, workshops and training for administrative professionals, coaching for executives and has delivered training programs to multi-national companies and been a speaker at administrative and event planner conferences.