6 Essentials to Keeping Family and Work Organized Without Losing It!

6 Essentials to Keeping Family and Work Organized Without Losing It!
August 24, 2014 No Comments Featured,Time Management,Work Life Balance Linda McFarland


Your Family.  Your boss.  Yourself.

Your leader and your family are always lobbying for your time and attention.  These conflicting priorities are driven by deadlines, immediate needs, and even wants.  We can easily allow these demands for our time to leave us depleted and frazzled.  Reconciling your vision of reality, includes taking into consideration your actual energy, hours in the day, and personal goals.   It’s critical that you get organized and think things through before overload sets in.  

These 6 essentials can help improve work efficiency, time with your family, and keep you from losing it!

  1. Family comes first.  Sometimes negotiating and compromise may be necessary to keep family demands in check.  Evaluate pressing needs and prioritize what should get the most of your attention. Offer an alternative solution where possible.  Be creative by employing the help of extended family or friends when needed.  Don’t go it alone!
  2. Organize all things that command your attention at the beginning of the day.  Another option is to close each day with a plan of action for the next.  Jot down the top three to six items that need to be accomplished.  This is different than a  “to do” list. Identifying your top three to six priorities will help you focus on the critical tasks.
  3. Record things that need to get done.  Determine the best tool for you. Your favorite smart phone app, notebook or journal to name a few.  Check out the app wunderlist.  Quick lists can be a great way to get things done.
  4. Pick a goal for the day, week or year.  Reverse engineer your main goals.  Starting with the end goal in mind, can help you visualize your priorities.
  5. Share resources, ideas and best practices with other co-workers.  I’m amazed at the incredible knowledge put into practice over the years just from asking the advice of others.
  6. Devote specific locations for your things and be consistent. Not only will it make life easier for you at home and at work, but for your family or others that rely on you to organize important documents and other items.

Balancing what’s important and avoiding anxiety and stress takes a plan. These 6 essentials can surely help you along the way!

What is your plan to apply any of these 6 essentials?  Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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