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With humor, grit, compassion, and a calm demeanor, Linda imparts her wisdom to help assistants succeed in a rapidly changing role. Read THE WIZARD BEHIND THE CEO and SITTING ON A FILE CABINET, NAKED WITH A GUN. Read More


Tools, skills and on-going education are vital in the ever-changing and powerful role of an assistant. Linda McFarland Consulting offers training sessions and hands-on workshops that will enhance and increase your skills to make your participation an essential part of a company’s success. Read More


Unique and relevant small-group forums for administrative professionals. Forums include case studies and round-table discussions aimed at improving the skills, knowledge, and professional network. Read More


Get tips and techniques for developing processes, learning about your inner self, tips and strategies to anticipate the needs of your executive, productivity ideas, and how to better collaborate in the workplace. Click on the + symbol below. Read More


The Wizard Behind the CEO

With humor, grit, compassion, and a calm demeanor, Linda imparts her wisdom to help assistants succeed in a rapidly changing role.


Sitting on a File Cabinet, naked with a gun

Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, With a Gun offers an engaging, entertaining insider’s look into the offices of some of the most powerful men and women in Silicon Valley.


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  • A Secretary’s Story of Influence in 1955
    February 20, 2020 / No Comments / Featured In your role as an assistant, how powerful is your influence?  Do you wield as much influence today as Cecil B DeMille’s secretary did in 1955?  I was so impressed with her ability to influence her boss, that I had to share the story.  Here’s how it goes: Clint Walker was a new star at Warner Bros. and

  • What Ben Franklin Taught Me about Influencing Adversaries in the Workplace
    December 20, 2019 / No Comments / Featured About 14 years ago I found myself in the uncomfortable and frustrating situation of butting heads with a fellow Executive Assistant who made things as simple as setting up meetings between our Executives a constant uphill battle. It was essentially her way or the highway, which created a working environment that I found increasingly more

  • Organizing Detailed Travel for Your Executive?
    February 25, 2019 / No Comments / Featured “I need to get to Europe for some critical meetings next week,” your executive says as he quickly passes by your desk. “What? Are you kidding?” you say to yourself with a touch of anxiety. In the Admin world, travel is one of the most important tasks we handle for our executive. There are so

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