“. . .we are not alone in our experiences.”
“This year, 2020, has been my first experience participating in this type of Admin-Focus Forum group. To top off the experience COVID-19 hit so our first meeting was virtual. As I don’t have a comparison to the benefits of face-to-face vs virtual, I can say that the first meeting was great. and I don’t think the group missed a beat. I felt like we could have talked a lot longer than we did.

Linda is awesome! In addition to her organization skills and “herding us cats” to complete the pre-work, her ability to run the Zoom efficiently and effectively is a true testament that she knows what she is doing. The thoughtful questions and sharing our experiences just proves that we are not alone in our experiences. Linda brings a new level of thought provoking ideas and a new understanding of how to deal with some everyday challenges and ideas to come out the other side with a better understanding of myself and the people I interact with.

We have only had one meeting so far and I can’t wait for the rest of the sessions with the amazing group she has put together. It’s truly an awesome time to be an Executive Assistant!”
Stephanie Camarda, Executive Assistant

“. . .an absolute force!”
“Linda McFarland is an absolute force! I have long looked up to her brand of Executive Assisting – from her tactful people management to her flawless event planning, she exemplifies this highly dynamic and unique role. Because of her great teaching ability and desire to share with others, administrative professionals who have the opportunity to learn from her should definitely take it! I have worked with Linda at her events and one on one coaching and have benefited so much from her teachings. It is amazing to have a mentor who is incredibly knowledgeable yet who leads with heart.”
Ashley Griffin, Chief of Staff

“. . .exceptional at helping me hone and sharpen my skills. . .”
“An accomplished speaker, an expert career coach and brilliant Executive Assistant. Linda has been exceptional at helping me hone and sharpen my skills in order to land the perfect administrative professional position. I chose Linda because she has current, relevant advice, she is well known throughout Silicon Valley and continually puts her own skills to the test. She has given me the best solid advice and tips. She even has the courage and diplomacy to tell me what is most difficult to hear. Linda has helped build my confidence and courage. She reviews the whole person, not just your resume. I would recommend Linda to anyone wanting to develop professionally or help re-evaluate one’s administrative talents.”
Julie Armi, Executive Assistant

“. . .new tips and ideas. . .”
“Attending the AdminXchange/Fireside Chat gave me some new tips and ideas. I am already using the suggestions and plan to try some of the other ideas and resources shared. Thank you for organizing these events. Can’t wait to join a future event!”
Jeanne Corsick, Executive Assistant at BloomReach

“. . .Not only did I learn more about myself and others, . . .”
“I had the opportunity to participate in one of Linda’s teachings. Not only did I learn more about myself and others, there were some points that especially resonated with me.”
Lisa, Assistant at Marvell

“. . .helped me examine my interactions. . .”
“I enjoyed Linda’s presentation and have to share that the tips on difficult conversations have helped me examine my interactions and improve my understanding of my role in how I respond.”
Victoria Briskin, Director of Sales, Homewood Suites Palo Alto

“. . .engaged the entire time. . .”
“I was engaged the entire time, and the “Got Conflict” topic was timely for me.”
Karen Meyer, Sr. Executive Assistant at Pharmacyclics

“. . .we found her funny, engaging and professional. . .”
“We brought Linda as our featured speaker for our company’s Administrative Professionals event, and we found her funny, engaging and professional as she shared insights into our career strategies for growth and effectiveness. She was easy to work with and collaborated in a way that helped to make our event all the more special and focused towards our goals.”
Cookie Wong, Sr. Executive Assistant, Intuit

“. . . delivery was engaging. . .”
“The training addressed our most important needs; your delivery was engaging and your insights and knowledge gave us valuable tips that we’ll be able to put into practice immediately to better manage our time. It was refreshing to attend an event delivered by experts who truly understand our craft, and I particularly appreciated the interactive nature of the workshop”
Melinda Araujo, Executive Assistant, Juniper Networks

“. . . delivers her message with integrity and energy.”
“As well as being an expert in her field, Linda is exceptionally personable and delivers her message with integrity and energy. She has inspired me in many ways with her practical ideas and brilliant tips on how to create a solid peer network. Linda is a LEADER in her field and would highly recommend her.”
Kristen Swanson, Executive Assistant

“. . . a natural leader, superb interpersonal skills. . .”
“Bright, energetic, passionate, committed, an expert in her field, a natural leader, superb interpersonal skills, a learner and a teacher, practically able to jump tall buildings in a single bound—that’s Linda!”
Tara Martin-Milius, Management Consulting

“. . . stories you can relate to. . .”
“Linda shares fun stories you can relate to and builds on the participants’ experience, creating a strong peer network. Even if you are a seasoned assistant, you will still walk away with new tools, great practical ideas and regenerated enthusiasm towards your job and how you impact the success of your organization. I even incorporated some of what I learned in my personal life!”
Lynn Brazil, Sr. Administrative Assistant

“. . . inspired me to shine. . .”
“Linda inspired me to shine. Because of her inspirational advice, I am offered new learning experiences each day that allow me to flourish.”
Kristi FitzPatrick, Administrative Assistant

“. . . her delivery of materials is pristine. . .”
“Linda’s commitment to the advancement of the administrative profession is crystal clear, and her delivery of materials is pristine.”
Glenna Heller, Administrative Assistant

“. . . energy, passion . . . caused tremendous enthusiasm with our team.”
“Linda’s energy, passion and personal professionalism in teaching caused tremendous enthusiasm with our administrative team.”
Kristen Wege, Administrative Assistant

“I particularly enjoyed the tips and tricks during Linda’s session on crucial conversation.”
Vicki Hahn, Executive Assistant, Three Valleys MWD

“This event made me believe being an Admin was a career, not a job.”
Schemika Napolan, Administrative Supervisor / Event Planner

“. . . executes with absolute excellence. . .”
“Linda sets goals as clear as sunlight, executes with absolute excellence, and performs all of her challenging duties with a level of personal and professional maturity that is rare in the corporate oceans in which we swim. If all of my clients performed at that level, I would be out of work instantly!”
Kimberly Wiefling, Author, Scrappy Project Management

“. . . knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. . .”
“I have had the pleasure of hearing Linda McFarland speak at a number of IAAP meetings. Her extensive experience as an administrator and excellent speaking skills make her a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker whose presentations range from cultivating better relationships with the boss to learning how to work more effectively. Linda infuses her speeches with interesting facts, inspiring quotes, and–most importantly–hands-on information that give her listeners the knowledge and confidence to excel in their professions.”
Ingrid Starink, Administrative Support at Ernst & Young

“. . . style is fun, encouraging, and engaging. . .”
“Linda, the attendees from your workshop told me they really enjoyed your presentation and took away some valuable tips. I personally liked the “affect/effect, its/it’s, who/whom.” As always, your style is fun, encouraging, and engaging. Once again, I left a little smarter. The entire day was a HUGE success.
Thank you so much for all your efforts!”
Liz Caldwell, Event Planner, Liz Caldwell and Associates

“. . . awesome learning experience.”
“This course made me realize my greater potential.
Participating in this program has been an awesome learning experience.”
Jodi Newman, Executive Assistant

“. . . skills are nothing short of spectacular!”
“Linda’s presence, leadership and teaching skills are nothing short of spectacular! Through her real life experiences, she made this program understandable and fun.”
Randi L. Pidde, Administrative Assistant

“I enjoyed Linda’s passion and teaching style.”
Grace Danna, Executive Assistant

“. . . her humor puts the attendees at ease and makes the day fun!”
Lisa Peterson, Administrative Assistant

“. . . created a safe environment. . .”
“Linda created a safe environment that truly allowed learning, networking and team building to take place at a rudimentary level. This allowed us to take hold of the concepts taught.”
Lauren Krikke, Executive Assistant

“. . . expertly incorporates personal executive assistant experiences. . .”
“I have benefited greatly from Linda’s instruction. She expertly incorporates personal executive assistant experiences, visual aids, and humor to educate her audiences. She has a wonderful presence that reaches out to students both at an individual and group level, ensuring that everyone is encouraged to achieve greater success in their career and is given the tools to do so.”
Krista Topping, Executive Assistant

“I still use the tools that I learned from the workshop. . .”
“Linda, I still use the tools that I learned from the workshop. My boss encourages me to go beyond and reach for more. I want you to know that the workshop really helped me to find the confidence that I needed to push myself to do more and realize that I had a lot to offer. I can’t thank you enough for being such a bright and inspiring light in my life.”
Kim, Administrative Professional