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Empower Your Career with Linda McFarland’s Dynamic Workshops in Silicon Valley

At Linda McFarland Consulting, our workshops are not just sessions – they are transformative experiences that elevate your professional journey. Our workshops are crafted to provide increased performance, strategic thinking, and redefined attributes for administrative professionals.

Our workshops, coaching services, and speaking engagements can benefit:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Managers
  • Coordinators
  • Executive business partners
  • All other support staff

Are you ready to elevate your administrative skills with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Join our beginner-friendly workshop where we explore how AI enhances productivity and accuracy. Discover AI demonstrations for common administrative tasks and engage in interactive discussions with fellow assistants. Gain the foundational understanding needed to navigate the tech-driven administrative landscape confidently.

What You’ll Gain:

Foundational AI Understanding: Grasp the basics of Artificial Intelligence and its application in administrative tasks.

Explore Powerful AI Tools: Dive into efficient AI tools that amplify productivity and streamline daily tasks.

Confidence in AI Research: Develop the confidence to research AI and automation tools independently, aligning with your role.

Benefits and Results

  • Increased performance and career success
  • Strategic thinking business partner
  • Increased leadership skills
  • Redefined attributes, characteristics, and behaviors
  • Better professional image
  • Proficient communication
  • Distinct organizational skills
  • Higher work ethic
  • Valuable resources
  • Increased performance and career success
  • Strategic thinking business partner
  • Increased leadership skills
  • Redefined attributes, characteristics, and behaviors
  • Better professional image
  • Proficient communication
  • Distinct organizational skills
  • Higher work ethic
  • Valuable resources

Topical Insights

1. The Art of Influence and Communication

Discover the power of compelling messages, building trust, and overcoming roadblocks. Explore the impact of communication styles, identify influencing strategies, and practice new skills through activities and real-world scenarios.

2. Productivity and Time Management

Unlock tips and techniques for managing calendars, enhance productivity with systems and processes, and learn tools, apps, and strategies to improve efficiency. Prioritize approaches to meet deadlines and streamline workflow effectively.

3. Unleash the Leader Within

Join Linda in unleashing your leadership potential. Identify true leadership attributes, assess strengths, learn self-empowerment tips, and develop a unique leadership plan. Experiment with positive self-talk, explore personal action plans, and establish career goals.

4. Navigating Difficult and Critical Conversations

Equip yourself with techniques to prepare for necessary conversations, enhance self-awareness, find common ground, and develop dialogue strategies. Clarify intentions, probe for facts, and achieve positive outcomes in challenging conversations.

5. Maneuvering Situations with Difficult People

Learn effective tools and strategies to deal with challenging individuals. Control emotions, understand generational and cultural differences, and recognize when you might contribute to the problem. Develop survival techniques and coping mechanisms.

6. Communication Strategies for Impact

Enhance your communication skills with impactful strategies. Make a powerful first impression, ask questions, give structured feedback, and build rapport. Learn techniques for building trust and credibility through assertive communication.

7. The Resilient Assistant

Explore skills of self-awareness, self-management, and emotional resilience. Distinguish signs of change, lead transformation in the workplace, and develop techniques to prepare for the unexpected.

8. How to Thrive During Changing Times

Embrace change by getting comfortable in a changing environment, understanding reasons for resistance, and committing to continuous self-improvement. Explore trends impacting administrative roles and commit to becoming a “change agent.”

9. Building Networking Connections

Improve your professional networking with confidence-building tips, conversation starters, and utilizing the power of your network for successful solutions and career-building connections.

10. The Power of Your Team

Discover the profound benefits of teamwork. Encourage interdependence, create strong collaboration, and engage in interactive activities to improve teamwork and collaboration skills.

11. Transforming the Relationship Between the Executive and the Assistant

Navigate the four stages of transformation, initiate change, establish open communication with your executive, and build a successful partnership based on mutual trust and respect.

12. Become the Strategic Assistant

Elevate your career by becoming a strategic thinker and business partner. Understand and identify your vision, create an action plan, connect the dots to anticipate your executive’s needs, and engage in strategic thinking through interactive sessions.

13. Simple Steps to Develop Critical Problem-Solving Skills

Enhance your problem-solving processes, identify options to solve problems, and improve your creativity for implementing solutions.

14. Mastering Goal Setting: S.W.O.T Method and S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Use the S.W.O.T. analysis method to identify your specific needs and goals. Work on a visual design to focus on your values and achievements, define priorities, and align with your leader.

15. Five Golden Nuggets of Leadership for Assistants

Explore the five Golden Nuggets of Leadership, identify your superpower, build on your strengths, believe in others before they succeed, and overcome roadblocks and your inner critic. Measure your integrity, crack the confidence code, and discover the power of your voice.

Embark on a journey of professional growth and success with Linda McFarland’s dynamic workshops.

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