Assessing Your Career

Do you spend more time planning your next vacation than you spend planning your career?   Wherever you are in your career today, may be a result of your past thinking.  Are you feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your job?  What are you currently doing to manage your career? Are you passionate about it?  Linda will provide some self-assessment tools and techniques to test your career proactivity.  Don’t expect others to tell you how to contribute.  Showcase your capabilities and take control of your destiny.

Becoming the Confident Assistant

Are you a highly competent administrative professional who wants to have your skills recognized?  Linda shares specific tips and techniques to establish your reputation as a confident assistant and will show you the path to becoming your executive’s true business partner.  Her ideas and stories will encourage you to rethink what you’ve been doing and/or how to do them differently.

Transforming the Relationship between the Executive and the Assistant

Linda identifies key components for becoming a respected and valued business partner.  During this workshop, Linda will take you through a journey to transform your current knowledge and skills by incorporating new ideas and techniques to take your career to the next level.  She will guide you to use your power as a business partner to achieve the ultimate business partnership.

The Power of Your Team

Teamwork benefits the administrative community in a profound way.  The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.  Linda shares examples and creates opportunities for administrative teams to collaborate and connect to generate unlimited resources. The power of encouragement and interdependence to each other’s skills, capabilities and unique talents will create a strong administrative community and increase shared leadership.  Linda creates an interactive environment with activities and techniques to help improve yourself and your administrative community.

Never Panic-Trust your Instincts

Linda is known for her “never panic” demeanor and composure.  Her entertaining situations and stories show how using your instincts and common sense can help you handle stressful situations.  Linda’s ideas will increase your awareness and help you understand how to minimize and cope with unexpected stressful and difficult situations.

Say it with Snap!

Linda takes a somewhat stuffy topic and adds energy and fun to verbal and written communication.  She shares some state-of-the art tips and steps to add that edge of crispness, clarity and style to your messages.  Linda will share ideas to help you reach across the chasm between you and your audience.

Whatever It Takes

Have you ever been in a situation that was overwhelming?  Were you asked to accomplish a task that at the time seemed impossible?  Linda shares techniques to deal with those impossible tasks and deadlines.  Learn to use your network, resources, common sense and creativity to earn the title of “miracle worker.”

The Power of Networking

Networking, if taken seriously, will put you on a path to help further your career.  One of the bonuses is that it will also create a community of people who care about you.  Linda talks about using the power of your network to create successful solutions to the day-to-day decisions as an administrative professional.  Learn the importance of creating an enriching circle of trusted relationships.

Time Management Essentials for the Administrative Professional

Are you challenged with constant prioritizing?  What are you currently doing to manage your time?  Linda will discuss how to overcome procrastination, effectively delegate, diplomatically say no, and many other topics.  She discloses solutions for taking control by discussing ideas and tools to help alleviate those stressful situations.  You will come away with some valuable tools and ideas to enhance your administrative skills.

Diplomacy and Discretion

Linda has the reputation of mastering the skills of diplomacy and discretion.  She has established credibility through her influencing skills and ability to handle delicate situations with tact.  Linda shares stories and tips of how to communicate with confidence and elegance in sensitive situations using tact and diplomacy.  Linda will inspire you to increase your value by building and maintaining powerful business relationships.

Commitment and Accountability

As an administrative professional, what does it mean to be committed and accountable to your executive? How can you evolve your role into a true business partner?  All of these aspects help create great teamwork which in turn, help define our careers.  Join Linda McFarland as she shares critical success factors and experiences that include buy-in and clarity to becoming a solid business partner.

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