The Wizard Behind the CEO

The Wizard Behind the CEO

The latest book by Linda McFarland!

Book, The Wizard Behind the CEO

Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND

With humor, grit, compassion, and a calm demeanor, Linda imparts her wisdom to help assistants succeed in a rapidly changing role. “The Wizard behind the CEO: Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND” is about Linda’s adventures as an assistant in the intense world of Silicon Valley. This book is a great way to learn from a role model with insight to avoid the potential pitfalls we all face in our hectic business and personal lives. Each chapter contains stories followed by lessons learned and strategies dubbed the WAND (What Assistants Need Daily). This magical advice is relevant for not just assistants but their managers and professionals in general who need to work together to accomplish goals.  

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Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND

What Assistants Need Daily

If someone is communicating in a way that makes you question their motives or your understanding of the intended message, ask clarifying questions like, “Tell me more” or “Help me understand.” You can also use the “who, what, where, when, and why” questions, which will help you get additional information and save you time.
Many coworkers will provide you with information about their relationships with other people in the office. Don’t jump to conclusions before doing your own due diligence.

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Linda McFarlandLinda McFarland

“It takes not one but two successful business leaders to move a company forward! Linda demonstrates this in a fun and informative way.”

— Sunny Nunan, Founder & CEO, The Admin Awards

The Wizard behind the CEO is full of practical, memorable advice, especially when it comes to turning stressful situations into successful outcomes.”

— Susan Spreitzer, CAP, OM, CAW

“Linda has done it again! A perfect read for all assistants. The lessons learned at the end of each story are motivational and pure gold!”

— Cheryl Paul, Executive Assistant

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