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Linda McFarland, the driving force behind our acclaimed presentations and workshops, brings a wealth of experience, a calm demeanor, and an insightful sense of humor to every interaction.

With over 25 years of supporting C-Level executives in Silicon Valley across diverse industries such as hi-tech, medical, energy, legal, and bio-tech, Linda McFarland is a seasoned professional. Having assisted a dozen CEOs, she shares her decades of experience through captivating stories that unveil thoughtful lessons learned throughout her illustrious career.

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Linda’s Journey: Founder and Visionary

In 2005, Linda McFarland launched Linda McFarland Consulting, formerly known as Ascend2Success (2012-2020). Her vision was clear – to provide coaching and training for administrative professionals. The services extended beyond coaching, encompassing forums, resources, events, and speaking engagements.

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Author and Speaker

Linda is not only a skilled consultant but also an accomplished author. Her books, including “The Wizard Behind the CEO: Enchanted stories from the assistant with the magic WAND” and co-authorship in “Sitting on a File Cabinet, Naked, with a Gun: True Stories of Silicon Valley CEO Assistants,” showcase her unique perspective.

An in-demand guest speaker at corporate events and conferences, Linda has graced platforms like AdmintoAdmin, International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), Administrative Professionals Conference (APC), MPI event planner conference, Office Dynamics conferences, Microsoft Annual Global Administrative Conference, and more.

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Leadership and Advocacy

Linda’s impact extends to leadership roles, co-founding AdmintoAdmin (2014-2016) and PlanetAdmin (2009-2011), providing training services for administrative professionals. As the Past Chair and Advisory Board member (2015-2018) for Admin Awards, Linda played a pivotal role in recognizing contributions of administrative professionals.

Her dedication to education is evident in her involvement with UCSC Extension of Silicon Valley, assisting in the development of the first certificate program for administrative professionals (2005-2010). As a co-founder and past member of the Silicon Valley Catalysts Association (SVCA), a group for CEO Assistants in Silicon Valley (1995-2018), Linda has been a catalyst for collaboration and professional growth.

Personal Touch

Beyond her professional achievements, Linda is a devoted family person – married with children and grandchildren, adding a personal touch to her journey.

At Linda McFarland Consulting, we invite you to be part of a transformative experience, where knowledge meets passion, and success becomes a shared journey.

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