Reader Commments

The Wizard behind the CEO is as smart, quick, and humorous as its author Linda McFarland. In this book, Linda takes us on a lively, honest journey of personal experiences, which teaches everything from what geese and assistants need to have in common, to how to pull through with aplomb when your best laid plans are crashing around you. The Wizard behind the CEO provides an abundance of eye-opening tips on how to ‘wow’ your manager during the good times and the OMG! times. Linda creates a fabulously entertaining read! Whether you’re a newbie to the profession or a seasoned assistant, this book is for you.
CEAP Certified, Executive Assistant to President & CEO
Hold on to your hat! The true stories in this book will take you on a wild ride and give you a rare glimpse into the intense world of Silicon Valley. Linda shares her experiences in vivid detail and from the heart, providing valuable insights into the enormous challenges, and sometimes ridiculous demands, of being a world-class assistant. Funny? Of course! Because humor is a wonderful way to maintain our perspective in the face of seemingly impossible challenges. Enjoy!
Author of Scrappy Project Management, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Alliances
Linda, you are my SHERO! No matter what situation you find yourself in— albeit language barriers, no plane, no lunch, no shuttle, no email—you just put on your ‘nothing can stop me’ cape and jump over tall buildings in a single bound!
Executive Assistant
Being new to the assistant world, I found this book to be exactly the kind of guidance and motivation I needed to grow in my career. Linda’s stories will resonate with anyone who has worked as an assistant, and they will leave you feeling empowered to apply some of her lessons learned down the road. Linda makes you realize you’re not the only one who has dealt with some truly enraging, complicated, and at times downright hilarious situations. Best of all, Linda shows that being bold, getting creative, and having a sense of humor are the special sauce to our magic touch.
Executive Assistant
As an assistant to a CEO, who continually strives to develop my skills and has been challenged to find material that truly speaks to my role, I was pleasantly surprised with the Wizard’s content. The book speaks to several situations I have encountered, such as the ‘Mind-Reader Expectations’ and ‘The Case of the Missing Email.’ I am comforted to know I am not the only one with an exciting role! I enjoyed finding scenarios I have yet to encounter, such as ‘Murphy’s Law and the Special Visa’ and ‘Adventures in Germany.’ Going forward, I will be diligent when dealing with complex international matters. ‘The Goose Coach’ expressed the perfect sentiment for what team support looks like and what can be accomplished as a team.
CEO Assistant
How can one learn to create order in the C-Suite office and positively influence culture, all while remaining unfailingly calm? The Wizard behind the CEO guides the way through true stories from the trenches, which conclude with actionable tips and guidance. With humor, compassion, and discipline, Linda imparts her wisdom to help assistants seeking to strengthen their craft. Throughout her impressive career, Linda has conquered countless unbelievable adversities and generously shares how any assistant can do the same. This should be required reading for all assistants.
Chief of Staff
This book is a must-have and ‘go to’ whether you’re in the realm of the administrative profession or elsewhere. The stories and related lessons apply to the everyday professional.
Executive Assistant
Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned assistant, this is an outstanding book. Linda has demonstrated through sharing her amazing career stories that we are not alone and offered very good advice. I am inspired by her magical moments and appreciative of the WAND advice. We are only human after all. It is a reminder of how important it is to network and mentor.
Executive Assistant
This is not just another book full of ‘stories.’ As I read Linda’s experiences, I could hear the ‘I can do this’ emotion in her writing. The quotes that are added to each lesson speak to us as if they’ve been written with an admin’s experience. I also enjoyed the learning bullets at the end of each story. Linda has a lot of knowledge and experience as a C-level assistant, and I appreciate that she is sharing it with the masses. This book is a great tool for any assistant at any level.
Executive Assistant
Linda’s book will benefit you whether you are new to the administrative field or are an experienced CEO’s assistant with more than 20 years. Real-life examples highlight challenges that we all face at some point. The magical wand with lessons learned at the end of each story emphasizes tricks and tips, which help us become more polished and make our jobs easier. Reminders to “take a deep breath, keep our feet paddling underwater like crazy, while everything above water is calm” is just one of the alliterations used by Linda to help lock the lessons in our memories. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.
Director Administrative Services
Thank you, Linda, for being such an inspiration to all of us. Your integrity, perseverance, and passion helped you navigate each situation in a positive, calm, professional manner with a click of your wand to make the magic appear and bring calmness to chaos.
Sr. Executive Assistant
Linda’s experiences will inspire you to communicate. It is a common message throughout her book. The little nuggets after each story—WAND (What Assistants Need Daily)—one doesn’t find in a classroom. The value of the WAND is priceless. Assistants will embrace the challenges because the rewards are immense.
CEO Assistant
I ABSOLUTELY loved this book! So many of the stories had me in stitches, and others were funny memories of similar snafus in my own professional life as an assistant. With the takeaways at the end of each story, this book provides valuable information for newer admins and great reminders for senior assistants. The tips and takeaways are great for both admins and their executives!
Executive Assistant
Linda IS magic! She is TOP in her field, an incredible coach and mentor, and one of the most bewitching storytellers. She can make you laugh, blink in disbelief, and sometimes wonder how this can all be possible! Linda is charm and elegance. She is real, she is approachable, and she is sharing all of this for the enlightenment of others. A totally enchanting experience.
Music and Relationship Coach